Water Pump

Solar Water Pump system is a water lifting system via solar equipment. These systems used for fountain, swimming pool, ponds and also provide water for home, farms and others.

It’s didn’t required any kind of grid supply and fuel therefore using solar water pump is more economical. It will run in remote location also where grid electricity is not available.

solar water pump
solar water pump

Solar water pump
We are having two types of solar water pump both pumps are available in DC and AC.

1.) Submersible Solar Pump

2.) Surface Solar Pump.

Solar Water Pump equipment.
A.) Solar Panels which generate power.

B.) Controller which controls the system.

C.) Motor Pump to lift the water.

Best Solar Panels in India
Best Solar Panels in India

Basics you need to know about solar water pumping, which uses energy from solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to power an electric water pump. The highest demand for solar pumping is within rural off-grid areas, currently undeserved, or served by costly fossil fuel-driven pumps. Solar pumping is most competitive in regions with high solar remoteness.