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We are selling top branded customize solar system. A customer can choose the lots of options in terms of panels, Invertor & batteries (if applicable).

We are having On Grid & Off grid both products , Have a look into small brief on grid & off grid solar and also know about our specialization categories.

On grid solar system

On grid solar system is mostly use to reduce electricity bills. In a on grid solar system two most important items are Solar panels and Solar on grid inverter. On-grid systems feed electricity back into the electrical grid. In On grid no any power back and not use any batteries. One drawback to this type of solar system is that when the grid is down, the system might not be utilized.

Off Grid Solar System

Off grid solar systems need batteries so its might be expensive. Its a standalone solar systems that rely on batteries to store solar energy for use during the night and at other times when more electricity is needed than is generated by the solar system.

Our specialization categories

Solar System for School
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Solar System for College
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Solar System for Hospital
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  • Solar system for home
  • Solar system for school.
  • Solar system for college.
  • Solar system for hospital.
  • Solar system for others.