Know more about solar

know more about solar

What are the financial benefits of solar energy?

When you install a solar energy system on your property, you start save money instantly upto 80% (e.g. you pay 10,000/- per month it will reduce to 2,000/- after installation) on your electricity bills and protect yourself against rising electricity rates in the future. How much you can save depends on the utility rates and solar policies in your area, but going solar is a smart investment.

How to find out how much kilowatt (kW) solar system you need to install?

Take any electricity bill calculate average of daily consumption unit. For example on electricity bill trend of units are Apr to Mar or Jan to Dec whatever add all the unit consummations then divide with 365 (days of year) then again divide with 4 (1kW) you will get your required kilowatt. 
You may also calculate with your sanctioned load. Suppose anybody having 100kW sanctioned load then maximum (upto) 80% of the load 80kW solar system they can install. 
May be it will vary in your country and state regulation.

Which installer should you go with?

Always do more than enough research on the companies around your location when you are ready to go for solar. Local service provider will serve you the better in terms of service. Look up consumer reviews, read about their process online and call to ask them for some specific questions. Also, ask about their installation process. 
Solar panels should be aligned properly, and electrical wiring should be protected from the elements. Don’t forget to ask if they have any hidden installation fees.

How much money will you save?

Look into how your energy bills can decrease, so you know exactly what kind of benefits solar panels would bring to your life. It’s always good to double check before you start spending your money. In some states like Punjab, Haryana & Himachal upto 80% electricity bills amount you can save per month/year. Apart from it government is giving some subsidy on capital investment.

What is net metering?

Net metering is the system that utilities use to credit solar energy system owners for the electricity produced by their solar panels. With net metering, you only pay for the electricity that you use beyond what your solar panels can generate. Net metering policies differ from state to state so make sure to do your homework ahead of that time.

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