How To Choose The Best Solar Panels.

Best Solar System
Best Solar System


When industry insiders speak of panel effectiveness, they mean the amount of sunlight that reaches a solar cell that is actually converted into electricity.


Every panel has a different wattage, power or rating. These signify the amount of power a panel can generate, and is usually between 250 and 350 watts. Higher wattage panels are often more efficient, but also larger in terms of size and pricing.


Every panel has a liner warranty of approx 25 years. Local service provider will give you the end to end before and after installation. So according the research on existing client this will help to you.

So before going to choose this will also need to know.When choosing a solar panel brand, be careful to make sure that the company you choose will still be around to honor your warranty. Typically, larger corporations like Vikram, adani, Waree, Luminous, Exide.

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